Lexx – Cosmic Shift Remixed
Phantom Island, 2020
Format: 12″/Digital

A1. Wave Feat. Ella Thompson (Kejeblos Remix)
A2. Too Hot Feat. Woolfy (Red Hot Remix)
B1. Universal Prayer (Androo Re-work)
B2. Too Hot (Eirwuds True Rocker Version)
B3. Expanding Happiness (Vinyl Only)

1. Too Hot Feat. Woolfy (Red Hot Mix)
2. Wave Feat. Ella Thompson (Kejeblos Remix)
3. Universal Prayer (Androo Rework)
4. Too Hot (Eirwud True Rovker Version)
5. Farewell/Sayonara (Digital Only)
6. Hot Weather Feat Harriot Brown (LP Dub)
Bandcamp Bonus Track:
7. Eye 1-2 (Version)

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Review at Piccadilly Records:

Last year Swiss savant, deep digger, production whizz and superstar DJ Lexx put a spell on us with his superb debut LP, “Cosmic Shift”. Filtering disco, dub and Balearic through the shimmer of heat haze, he soundtracked a particularly toasty Piccadilly summer, and now returns on a remix tip to bring on the spring.
The party starts with Phantom Island natives Kejeblos, who transform “Wave” into a hard hitting but sophisticated bit of deep house which references vintage Prescription, summer of love euphoria and Italo House in the best way possible. Closing out the A-side is an extra scorching Balearic-dub mix of lead single “Too Hot”, perfect for poolside coolers and daytime DJ sets. Flip it and we fall deeper into the dub with Second Circle-man Androo bringing the On-U vibrations to “Universal Prayer”. Trippy tape fx and occasional burts of melody ride a moody digital groove right into the witching hour, persuading even the most straight edge to take a sip of the tribal brew. On the B2 it’s the turn of another acclaimed psychonaught, boogie shaman Eirwud Mudwasser who transplants the Black Ark to Alexandra Park for a ultra dubby rockers mix of “Too Hot”. Lastly Lexxy brings us the bonus with the fretless bass, dreamy keys and heartswelling beauty of “Expanding Happiness”, a moment of light in these dark times.