Forthcoming Releases 2020

– LX72 “Lunatic Dolphin” (Lauer Remix)/ “State Of Resilience” (Gerd Janson 808 Remix) out August 14th, Lexx Music/LXMZK02 [Digital/Vinyl]

– LX72 “New Affinity” Album out late September, Lexx Music/LXMZK04 [Digital/Vinyl]

– BOCAB “Preach On Sunday/Can I Get..Ahhm” September, Lexx Music/LXMZK03 [12″ Vinyl] (Produced by Bocab)

– Pablo Color “Los Claveles 36” (Lexx Remix) Ish Records
– Cantoma “Mountain” (Lexx Remix) Highwood Recordings
– The 3 Pieces “Iwishcan William (Lexx Remix/Inst.) Rough Cat Resounds
– One Blood “Be Thankful” (Lexx Mix) Emotional Rescue
– King Sporty “Safari” (Lexx Edit) out now on Emotional Rescue