Leisure DubĀ  – Weekend Waiting
Lexx Music , 2021
Format: 7″/Digital

A. Weekend Waiting (New Fling Mix)
B. Weekend Waiting (Jeep Beat Mix)

Produced by Alex Storrer & Paul Byrne
Vocals: Kat Atmanious
Guitar: Simone Cartia


Leisure Dub is a new collaboration from Alex Storrer (Lexx) and Paul Byrne (Apiento) and features a floating roster of friends and collaborators. The first release from the project is ‘Weekend Waiting’ featuring Armanious consisting of Kat on vocals and Simo on guitar. Armanious are forward thinking r&b heads based in London. The track pulls on a modern r&b side on the a side and references 90s jeep beat on the flip. Wind the windows down and play it loud.