Lexx/Open Space Feat Harriet Brown – Hot Weather
Phantom Island, 2018
Format: 12″/Digital

Lexx Side:

Hot Weather (Vocal)
Hot Weather (Dub)

Open Space Side:

Hot Weather (Vox)
Hot Weather (Dub)


Juno Digital

When Paul Byrne (aka Apiento) and Lexx started to work on this collaborative composition last year in London they subliminally predicted the condition of the summer 2018. „Hot Weather“ is not only aptly titled and the most perfect cool down summer tune these days but much more than that. Befriended producer Jex Opolis (Good Timin’/NYC) describes the tune as „femine in color, but masculine in range.“
On this double A-sided 12“ we get two different treats of the song Lexx and Paul initially created and had LA based singer-songwriter Harriet Brown lay vocals and guitar parts on top. Both producers decided to finish the track on their own, and both renditions are extra soulful and super sensitive, almost sophisticated to some extend. While Lexx fine-tuned his version alone, Paul collaborated again, this time with Andrew Hale (of Sade fame) with whom he forms the project „Open Space“.