Native Melodies – January 2009
Testpressing Mix 006


Matthew Larkin Cassell – Heaven
SST -Soft Soul Transition
Mountaneers – You Pay No Mind
Bongomaster Inc – Brothers And Sisters
Low Pressure Soundsystem – Open Water
Mental Remedy – The Sun, The Moon, Our Souls (Dub)
Fleetwood Mac – Keep On Going (Cosmo Vitelli Edit)
Dennis Wilson – Constant Companion
John Lennon – (Forgive Me ) My Little Flower Princess
Shawn Phillips – Prelude To A Leaving
Santana – Canto De Los Flores
D*Note – D*votion
Icasoul – Ongou (Idjut Boys Mix)
Kaoru Inoue –  Mystic Motion
Popnoname – The Smallest Part