Teddy Lasry – Raising Sun On Bali [Lexx Selemat Pagi Mix]

Remix of French multi-instrumentalist Teddy Lasry for Hot Mule.

From the Hot Mule website:

A few months ago, Teddy and his son Samuel reached out with the exciting news that they’d found pro tools sessions for his superb “Back to Amazonia” LP (originally released in 1987 on Sonimage). The idea to commission remixes as digital bonuses for the compilation came naturally and we felt it could be the right opportunity to collaborate with Lexx.

Alex picked ‘Raising Sun On Bali’ and a wonderful mix was delivered later with some words:

“Teddy’s original version is pretty busy and rhythmically more complex than most of todays music. I approached it the usual way i do when making remixes. I stripped it down and only kept the elements that resonated with me. I started building my version around a keyboard motive that was a bit buried in the original mix. To make it more accessible i went for a slimpler rhythm pattern to make it work for today’s listeners. I’ve spent some time in Bali in the early 00’s, so i had a lot of images floating around in my head while making the mix.”