The 3 Sounds – Iwishcan William
Rouge Cat Resounds
Format: 12″
(Record Store 2020 Release )

A. Full Length Version
B1. Lexx Vocal Mix
B2. Nad Tyler Dub Strip Version


Washington collective, The 3 Pieces, privately-pressed Iwishcan William on their own DL Records in 1982. The 12 has Discogs, for one, confused. Is it soul, rap, jazz, go-go, funk, electro, or educational? By nature of its birthplace and date of birth, it`s all of those.

“I wish love. I can love. I will love. I am love.”

Swiss gentleman Lexx produces a killer remix – smoothing out the OG`s jerky edges, upping its sophistication. Making clear the contributions of Lexx` new bubbling electronics. rescuing a clipped guitar, previously lost deep in the mix, and moving the children’s voices to the fore. Ensuring you’ll remember that.