Cosmic Shift by Swiss based DJ and Producer Lexx aka Alex Storrer, is a smartly crafted blend of styles from start to finish. Soulful sounds of the inner city meet distinct melodies with a longing for an island in the sun.

The Album encompasses Neo Soul, Dub, Pop and hints traces of the Producers twenties as a Hip Hop addict in the golden era of the genre. Collaborators include the Los Angeles based Woolfy and Harriet Brown, Ella Thompson from Melbourne, Jonnny Spencer of Chicken Lips fame and up and coming songstress Asé from Zurich.

After a long list of official remixes for many renown labels and occasional singles, Lexx ultimately felt the urge to tell his own story. Itʼs intimate, the sound of dawn, of twilight. Right before the night falls.

Label: Phantom Island Cat.Nr: PHI-15 Formats: LP/MC/Digital

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02.10.19 Seoul – The Edge “Zürich meets Seoul Festival”

05.10.19 Tokyo – Bonobo with the Lone Star Crew

11.10.19 Osaka – Cauliflower

12.10.19 Tokyo – Veronique

02.11.19 14 Jahre Zukunft

14.11.19 Dosci at Zukunft w. Luca Duran (Look Like/Akoya)

22.11.19 Kasheme

24.12.19 Lost Chrismas

25.12.19 TBA

31.12.19 Mareh Festival Brazil

03.01.20 Zukunft w. Princess P

09.01.20 Laax

10.01.20 Kasheme

29.02.10 Laax w. John Gomez & Kejeblos