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Alex Storrer has a curious backstory. In the late ’90s he was a well-known figure in Swiss hip-hop, rapping in dialect as part of the duo Bligg’n’Lexx. Today, Bligg is Switzerland’s biggest mainstream rapper. Lexx, meanwhile, has become a respected connoisseur DJ, earning a place among the clubbing greats in Switzerland.  As an extension of this, he launched the Phantom Island label with his friends Kejeblos, Ron & Tobi in Zürich.

Storrer’s soaring house productions and edits have a distinct yearning for harmony. This is music with a certain quietude, a shimmering quality, like the mixes he’s done for the Test Pressing website. But Storrer’s peak-time sets in clubs are perhaps the most revealing. Cavorting between disco, dub, house and electro, he weaves intricate narratives that are full of surprises.

Bjørn Schaeffner


22.12.18 ROUGE mit Look Like

24.12.18 Lost Christmas, Wasserwerkstrasse 21, 8006 Zürich

29.12.19 Rumpeldisco w. Kalabrese in der Zukunft

31.12.18 Kosmos New Year’s Party w. Momo Love

05.01.18 Phantom Island in Kraftfeld Winterthur w. Kejeblos

11.01.19 – 13.01.19
Rundfunk FM in
St. Moritz w. Kejeblos

18.01.19 Laax Riders Palace

19.01.19 Laax Satellit

25.01.18 Zukunft – Det-riot w. Waajeed

26.01. Kasheme

09.02.18 Kasheme

04.07.19 – 07.07.19
Love International 2019, Tisno, Croatia.