Originals 10 Year Anniversary


It’s been 10 years since the release of my edition of Claremont 56’s Original Series. I remember how excited I got when Paul Murphy asked me for my contribution and how much fun it was to put it together. Some of the inclusions became quite big a couple of years later via other compilations and reissues. „Do It Again“ and „Shinzo No Tobira“ are now considered classics. I’m happy to be a small part in the history of introducing these gems to a wider audience.

Find the track by track notes and the liner notes by Gerd Janson in the slide above.

I’ve put together a Spotify playlist with all tunes that are available.
A Band Called O – Coasting, Larry Heard – De Ja Vu (Remix), The Bayara Citizen – Ju/Ru are missing but I added two songs that we were not able to license at the time.


Originals is series of compilations put together by un-sung heroes, the discoverers, the influencers and the taste makers who don’t seek the limelight and often get overlooked.

Late Nite R’n’B Mix

A selection of my fave R’n’B tunes from recent years and a few classics. Inspired by a late nite session at Kasheme back in March.

Contains music by Jessica Duncan, Omar S feat. Supercool, The Pendletons, Frank Ocean, The Internet, K,Le Maestro feat. Amaria, Stimulator Jones, Typesun, Freenationals feat. Chronixx, Patrick Paige II, Dj Quik feat. Rob Bacon, D’Angelo, Sweetback & Space Ghost.


Artwork by Van Jensen

Space Time Mix

This is a collection of some my favourite Jazz/Fusion tunes from the 70’s. I came across many of these in the 90’s while i was looking for breaks and source material to make beats, others in more recent years. Enjoy.

Music by Marcos Resende & Index, Lonnie Liston Smith, Herbie Hancock, Cesar Mariano & Cia, Stan Getz, Chico Hamilton, Crusaders, Cannonball Adderly, George Duke, Mikio Masuda, Grover Washington Jr.


Artwork by Van Jensen

30 Minutes Of Peace No.5

No.5 in a series of 30 minute mixes to soothe your soul, calm your nerves and create a relaxed atmosphere where ever you are.

Music by Louis Cole, Japanese Synchro System, Los Days, Turn On The Sunlight, Viejas Raíces, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Francesco Messina.


Artwork by Van Jensen

The Sound Of Now/Music For Ukraine

Testpressing.org has reached out to friends and family to pull toghether a compilation with all sales being split between the Red Cros and Disaster Emergency Comittee (DEC). Available on Bandcamp for £5 or more.

I made two contributions: “Prelude To Hapiness” (Expanded) (previously vinyl only) and an unreleased tune that i made a while back called “Wonz Upon A Time”. A tribute to Chicago House pioneers Marshall Jefferson and Harry Dennis’s  Jungle Wonz . The compilation includes tunes by Trevor Jackson, Apiento, Fuga Ronto, Mudd & Pollard, Cantoma, Asa Moto and more.



New Affinity – Special Edition


Limited edition of 20 . Comes in custom made, riso-printed sleeve with the new album artwork. Contains the vinyl lp (2020 pressing, no new tracks) with a black velour label on one side, plus a 7″ with the remixes of Pl’ayers & Rooty Call (LXMZK05). Also includes the download with a total of 12 tracks. SOLD OUT.

A limited edition of 20 riso-printed blue covers is available in selected stores end of March 2022.


New Affinity 2022 Edition

My album New Affinity just got an update and is available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify ect. It includes two new tracks “1994” & “The ReQuest”, the remix of “Pl’ayers” and new artwork. People who previously purchased the
album on Bandcamp
can download the new version for free.


You Don’t Know Me

Leisure Dub Feat. Armanious ” Weekend Waiting” (Jeep Mix) got picked up for the new four part BBC series “You Don’t Know Me” by Imran Mahmood.

Check the trailer

Within U feat. Eli June

“Within U” is a tune Eli June and i recorded back in November 2020.
It’s part of the “Love Always” compilation released by Boyoom. Now streaming on all platforms.


Teddy Lasry – Raising Sun On Bali [Lexx Selemat Pagi Mix]

Remix of French multi-instrumentalist Teddy Lasry for Hot Mule.

From the Hot Mule website:

A few months ago, Teddy and his son Samuel reached out with the exciting news that they’d found pro tools sessions for his superb “Back to Amazonia” LP (originally released in 1987 on Sonimage). The idea to commission remixes as digital bonuses for the compilation came naturally and we felt it could be the right opportunity to collaborate with Lexx.

Alex picked ‘Raising Sun On Bali’ and a wonderful mix was delivered later with some words:

“Teddy’s original version is pretty busy and rhythmically more complex than most of todays music. I approached it the usual way i do when making remixes. I stripped it down and only kept the elements that resonated with me. I started building my version around a keyboard motive that was a bit buried in the original mix. To make it more accessible i went for a slimpler rhythm pattern to make it work for today’s listeners. I’ve spent some time in Bali in the early 00’s, so i had a lot of images floating around in my head while making the mix.”

30 Minutes Of Peace No.4

No.4 in a series of 30 minute mixes to soothe your soul, calm your nerves and create a relaxed atmosphere where ever you are.

Music by Duval Timothy, Fabiano Do Nascamento, Yoshiharu Takeda, Isasa, Geoffrey Oryema, Nala Sinephro, Green-House, Fennesz & Ryuichi Sakamoto.


Artwork by Van Jensen

Pablo Color & Lexx – Aire Nocturno

Pablo Color and i collaborated on the track “Aire Nocturno”. It’s part of his new album “Hora Azul”, out now on Ish Records.



Weekend Waiting Repress


The repress of Leisure Dub Feat. Armanious “Weekend Waiting” 7″ is available now.  Limited Edition of 200 translucent vinyl, stickered and handnumbered. In stores or via Bandcamp.

Leisure Dub – Weekend Waiting


Out 18th June 2021 on 7″/Digital on Bandcamp

Leisure Dub is a new collaboration from Alex Storrer (Lexx) and Paul Byrne (Apiento) and features a floating roster of friends and collaborators. The first release from the project is ‘Weekend Waiting’ featuring Armanious consisting of Kat on vocals and Simo on guitar. Armanious are forward thinking r&b heads based in London. The track pulls on a modern r&b side on the a side and references 90s jeep beat on the flip. Wind the windows down and play it loud.

Weekend Waiting on Spotify

LX72 “Pl’ayers/Rooty Call” Remixes

Out June 4th on 7″/Digital on Bandcamp

Two remixes off LX72‘s full-length album “New Affinity“. Lexx took it upon himself to make “Pl‘ayers“ sound like Slum Village had a park BBQ with Roy Ayers, a worthy update! “Rooty Call“ received a late night remix treatment by up and coming Melbourne producer Midnight Tenderness.

Pl’ayers on Spotify
Rooty Call on Spotify


Bon Voyage Mix

I had the great pleasure to make a contribution to the Idlecellars mix series, curated by non other than Skyrager aka Danny McLewin of Psychemagik.  One and a half hours of soft rock, soul jazz and smoky folk gems. Tune in, bliss out et Bon voyage!


Better Days Mix

If you are into 90’s R’n’B with a Hip Hop twist, tune in to “Brighter Days” a mix i made for the good folks over Schoenstaub.



Mystic Blue Ripples Mix

“Mystic Blue Ripples“ – Echoes of an old love. A mix of blue soft psych and folky 60‘s tunes. Now up on Soundcloud.


New Affinity

“New Affinity” is out now on Bandcamp (Digital/Vinyl) and available on all other platforms Friday, October 10th.

New Affinity, Lexx’s latest offering, is a unique blend of soulful sounds, riding the blurred line between House and Hip-Hop. He is skillfully pairing organic grooves with suave electronic sounds, showing off, in a subtle kind of way if you want, his vast knowledge in the art of sampling.

Joyous, deep and full of spirit and life.

Perfect soundscape for portable devices on public transport, late night car rides and for your listening pleasure at home, on limited edition vinyl.


Interview at inn8.net
Review at BanBanTonTon
Influences on Testpressing

One Blood – Be Thankful

One Blood – Be Thankful including my version,  out now on 12″ Vinyl/Digital.

Formed in 1979 One Blood was made up of the 5 Robinson brothers – Errol, Jerry, Lloyd, Trevor and Paul –and recording at the legendary TMC studios, went on to release two albums and countless singles.

Be Thankful pays homage to DeVaughn’s original, with smooth vocals gliding atop tight drum and bass, vocal jumping up dub pom acapella to summer perfection. The tapes here passed to cohort Lexx, crafting a wonderful discodub that is all groove, expertly cutting back and forth…diamonds in the back, sunroof top.

Juno Records

Pablo Color – Los Claveles 36 Remix

Pablo Color “Los Claveles 36″ including my remix, is out now on 7” Vinyl /Digital.


New Releases on Lexx Music

After the first LX72 release (with help from Kejeblos),  i decided to continue releasing new music on my own and turn Lexx Music into a proper label. I’m happy to present the follow up releases, LX72 Remixed and Bocab’s debut 12″ “Preach On Sunday”.  Both are limited to 200 (inkl. obi) and are now available via Bandcamp, Hum Records and Sihl Records. Available at international stores in about three weeks from now.

LX72 – Remixed (LXMZK02)

Lexx (under his LX72 moniker) got his mates Gerd Janson and Lauer on board to remix the “State Of Resilience“ EP which hit shores earlier this year. Lauer takes the looney marine mammal straight to the disco-tek to present one of his trademark piano tricks. The crowd has no choice but to throw their hands up in the air and reach for la luna in the night sky. On the flip, Gerd Jansonʼs 808 Remix gives State Of Resilience a classy electro make over as he flexes his muscle on the rhythm composer rules the dance floors for close to fourty years.

BOCAB – Preach On Sunday/Can I Get…Ahhm (LXMZK03)

Bocab is a Zurich based producer who loves his beats raw and uncut.
The A side “Preach On Sunday“ is a hypnotic sermon that provides redemption on the dancefloor for all those who can follow itʼs lead. On side B we find Lexx favorite “Can I Get…Ahhm“. A back breaking piano bounce goes into overdrive after two minutes. Heavy echoes of the beatdown sound of the Motor City. The tune gives an unmistakable indication of the producers hip hop roots. Turn it up!

Listen and buy here

The 3 Pieces – Iwishcan Williams Remix

Washington collective, The 3 Pieces, privately-pressed Iwishcan William on their own DL Records in 1982. The 12 has Discogs, for one, confused. Is it soul, rap, jazz, go-go, funk, electro, or educational? By nature of its birthplace and date of birth, it`s all of those.

Synths shimmer in harp-like glissando. The bass grumbles, rumbles, machine-made. The beat pops and locks. The whole thing grooving and exuding positivity. One part the cosmic funk of say Cloud One`s Patty Duke. Another, the balearic chug of Will Powers` Adventures In Success. Like Brother D it looks to “agitate, educate, and organize”, and stirs in the sentiments of Razzy`s I Hate Hate. Imagine if the Last Poets jammed with sister Sarah Webster Fabio. Keys parp like car horns, a real trumpet blows a Don Cherry solo, but the track really revolves around its sweet Sesame Street call-and-response chorus:

“I wish love. I can love. I will love. I am love.”

Swiss gentleman Lexx, produces a killer remix – smoothing out the OG`s jerky edges, upping its sophistication. Making clear the contributions of Lexx` new bubbling electronics. rescuing a clipped guitar, previously lost deep in the mix, and moving the children’s voices to the fore. Ensuring you’ll remember that


LX72 – Remixed

LX72 – Remixed (Lexx Music/LXMZK02)

Lunatic Dolphin (Lauer Remix)
State Of Resilience (Gerd Janson 808 Remix)

Juno Digital


Stay In & Chill – Dub Playlist

I had the pleasure to  put together another selection for testpressing.org  Stay In & Chill Spotify Series. This time with the focus on Dub and i also squeezed in some nice vocal tunes. Enjoy.

Spotify Link

Bill Withers

Goodbye Mr. Bill Withers. Thank you for the music. He’s one of the greats and a truly inspirational man in many ways.

If you are not familiar, i can highly recommend the documentaries Still Bill and As I Am.

These are great too: Interview from 2015
Rock &  Roll Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech 2015

Stay In & Chill Playlist

Made playlist for my friends over at Test Pressing.
Stay In & Chill Vol.2. Mellow music for mellow people.

Cosmic Shift Remixed


Cosmic Shift Remixed coming March 6th via Phatom Island. Available on 12″ vinyl and digital on all platforms. Incl. mixed by Kejeblos, Androo, Eirwud Mudwasser and two new versions by me.

Listen to the snippets
Buy on Bandcamp

Review: banbantonton

GDS.FM Awards

On January 25th i won the jury prize for Best Album 2019 at the GDS.FM awards and reached #3 in the public voting.

Thanks to everybody who picked up a copy, tuned in and supported this release. Special thanks to R.C. Gaffuri for the countless hours of studio time and hard work, all the players and singers who lent their talents, my dear friend vanjensen.jp for the beautiful artwork and my man Kejeblos for his continuous support.

LX72 – State Of Resilience


OUT NOW: LX72 “State Of Resilience” EP. Three raw and diverse house tunes that i’ve produced last August and September.

Vinyl 12″/ Digital available on Bandcamp
and Record Stores.


Flight Mode Mix

My latest mix “Flight Mode” is available via
Test Pressing. Enjoy.

Test Pressing


Billy Cobham Remix

Billy Cobham Feat. Novecento ‘Drum’N Voice Remixed’ will be released via Rebirth Records on 29. November 2019.

The double vinyl contains:

A1. Stratus (Max Loderbauer & Ricardo Villalobos aka Vilod Remix)
A2. Sensations (Lexx Remix)
B1. Shining Sun (Motor City Drum Ensemble Winter Sun Remix)
B2. Raised (Folamour Remix)
C1. Psychologic (Khidja Remix)
C2. The Vibe Inside (Gerd Janson Acid Dub)
D1. Africa’s Sounds (S.A.M. Remix)
D2. Interactive (Danny Krivit Re-Edit)


Korea & Japan 2019


Thanks to all the beautiful souls i’ve meet on my recent trip to Asia.  Thanks to the Seoul Meets Zurich Festival, Christine and the team at Clique Records. To Ken Hiedaka and Max Essa for having me at Bonobo in Tokyo. My friend Dj Kent, Daichi at DNA Kyoto, Sinkichi Kadayo, my friends Norio (Rare Groove Records Osaka) and Daisuke Kakimoto and his family.  Ookini!

“Cosmic Shift” is out now on CD in Japan and available at Disk Union, Tower Records and HMV Japan.

Cosmic Shift CD Japan

COSMIC SHIFT / コズミック・シフト just got released in Japan via Disk Union/MUSIC 4 YOUR LEGS (MFYLR005) on CD.
Including the bonus track „Farewell/ さよなら“.
Buy on Bandcamp

More informaton:
Disk Union

Asia Dates


Excited to visit Seoul for the first time and to be back in Japan!

30 Minutes Of Peace No.2


30 minutes of peace is a series of mixes designed to soothe your soul, calm your nerves , relax your mind or to help you fall asleep. No.1 + 2 are now up on Soundcloud.


Artwork by Van Jensen

Detroit Dust On My Shoes

Kenny Dixon Jr.

Beauty & The Beat at Giant Steps

Thanks to everybody who made it down to Beauty & The Beat x Phantom Island at Giant Steps on August 31st!

The day after the party we hung out at Paul (Apiento) ‘s house and put together a short list of six tunes we should have, could have played..



Giant Steps London

I’m super excited to play at Giant Steps in London before it’s doors close at the end of September this year. The Beauty & the beat crew invited Kejeblos and myself to their party on August 31.

Tickets on RA.

Don’t go loose this!


Some thoughts from Danny the Dancer aka. Daniel Wang on todays state of the DJ and partylife.

Tages-Anzeiger – Bellevue

“Seine Musik ist so richtig gesund”. Der Bericht von Thomas Wyss auf der Bellevue Seite des Tages-Anzeigers vom 10 Juni 2019.


NTS Radio 4th July

Another one-off for NTS Radio aired on the 4th of July.  I got asked to put togeher a show of favorites and music that has inspired the making of *Cosmic Shift*.


Cosmic Shift Album


I’m excited to share my full-length album “Cosmic Shift” with you!

Featuring Jonny Spencer, Woolfy, Ella Thompson, Asé, Harriet Brown, Reto C. Gaffuri, Roger Szedalik, Eric Hunziker, Melodiesinfonie, Hove, Apiento & Andrew Hale.

Go to Bandcamp for Vinyl, Tape, CD and Download or stream now on your favorite platform.



Test Pressing (UK)
BanBanTonTon (JP) + Interview
Headsdown (AUS)
45rpm (CH)

Phantom Island at Zukunft

Catch the crew on June 22nd at Zukunft. Flyer by ufo.ch

Wings With Me

Found this short but sweet footage of Ini Kamoze performing “Wings With Me” live on TV in 1984.
I’m a big fan of his first two albums, both produced by the impeccable Sly & Robbie and mixed by Paul “Groucho” Smykle.

Love International 2019

Back again once again! The 4th edition of the Love International Festival in Tisno, Croatia. i will play the Sunrise Session on Thursday 4th of July and the Beach stage on the 5th.

Love International Festival


Early Sounds meets Phantom Island

Early Sounds Recordings invited Kejeblos and myself to play at their Party on April 6th at Sameheads in Berlin.

Update: A recording of the night is now up on Soundcloud. Mix of the Week over at Das Filter.

Marajaw Mix

New mix for Test Pressing. Inspired by the beautiful island of Siargao in the Philippines where i currently reside. Marajaw means “something that is nice” in Surigaonon.

Test Pressing

Lexx – Too Hot feat. Woolfy


My new single “Too Hot” featuring Woolfy, is out now on 7″ Vinyl/Digital on Phantom Island Records. “Too Hot” is also part of my forthcoming album “Cosmic Shift” that will be released this summer.


Review on Test Pressing

The Gagosians – Run For My Honey

The Gagosians – Run For My Honey is a retrofuturistic 4-minute Rock’N’Roll Drama written by Suzana Rozkosny (Vocals), A.C. Kupper (Guitar), Kay-Zee (Synths). The sound is machine driven and dark; surrounded by narcotic synths and deformed blues guitars. Lexx and Kejeblos on remix duties on the flipside. Have mercy!

Out: January 2019 on Phantom Island