Float Downstream (Revisited)

In the spring of 2001 I’ve decided to split from the rap group that I was in and venture into new musical territories. The local Hip Hop scene at that time appeared pretty narrow minded to me and I got tired of the same old attitudes and platitudes. The spirit of the 90’s was gone. Solely equipped with a Akai MPC2000 I started to draw moody instrumental tracks that consist of sampled fragments of hundreds of records. At the time I dug a lot late 60’s psyche rock, 70’s electronic music, 80’s electro and was clearly influenced by the work of Dj Shadow. In the years after the release I always had mixed feeling towards the album. I wasn’t happy with inclusion of a completely out of place Reggae tune, the vocal i provided on the title track and the overall use of too many squeaky guitar samples. After listening to the album again last year, I decided to do some editing and see what I could come up with (the individual stems got lost at some point so I had to work with the stereo files). I got rid of unpleasant elements, tightened up some arrangements and added „Changes At Dawn“ from 2004 to the tracklist. The artwork got a slight update aswell. I’m happy how it turned out. I can now finally listen to the album, turn off my mind relax and float downstream.


Originally released in September 2002