After The Rain – Puff Puff Pass Radio Show Nr.14 (Tambora Radio, Indonesia)


Barefoot Jerry – Friends
Fox – For Whatever It’s Worth
Overland Stage – It’s Just Life
Igatsus – Apelsin
Shawn Phillips – Prelude To A Leaving
Elkie Brooks – Learn To Love
Michael Franks – Just Like Key Largo
Alzo – So Glad
Strawberry Alarm Clock – Barefoot In Baltimore
Hollins And Starr – Sidewalks Talkin
Lô Borges – Eu Sou Como Você É
Paul McCartney – Sunshine Sometime
Steve Miller Band – Wild Mountain Honey
Donovan – Get Thy Bearing
F. J. McMahon – Black Night Woman
Dennis Olivieri – I Cry In The Morning
Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan (Alternative Lyrics Version)